Received Few Interview Requests on April!

2017-08-09 05:10:28 by jessieyun0404

We wanted to tell you about this earlier, but due to the delay of posting it, we are excited to tell you this great news now.


After releasing the album, "April 16th", we received few interview requests from various newspaper companies on April. We gladly accepted the request and participated in these three articles/radio-show. You can see/hear it via the links posted below.


Korea Times (한국어) "[인터뷰] 세월호 추모 앨범 만든 여고생 윤지수" :


Korea Times (English) "Teenager releases 'musical album' based on Sewol tragedy" :


Deutsche Welle (German Newspaper - English Version) "Sewol ferry victims memorialized with music" :


TBS English FM (101.3Mhz) - Koreascape (2) 2017.4.15 :


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2017-08-11 10:07:52

ㅋㅋ한국인이셧구나.. 은근히 한국인 많이보여욧

jessieyun0404 responds:

엇! 반갑습니다! 저에게는 처음으로 한국인을 뵙는 순간인데...