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Singers & Voice Actors Casting UNDERWAY!

2017-02-04 03:17:28 by jessieyun0404

We're casting ORIGINAL Studio Cast for the Musical "April 16th (0416)".





Lucy (17, Main Character. Survival of the Sewol Ferry Disaster.)
Liz (17, Lucy's Friend. Victim of the disaster.)
Liz's Mother (46)
Mary (28, Married with Daniel. Victim.)
Girls (17, sings "Happy Birthday" song to their Chemistry Teacher.)

Jake (17, Famous student in the class. Victim.)
Bill (17, first time riding a ferry. Victim.)
Larry (17, Jake's friend. Victim.)
Harry (17, Jake's friend. Victim.)
Daniel (29, Mary's husband. Victim.)

Reporters & Victim's Families (Including Liz's Mother)
Students (17, Including all Main Characters who are Students)


Reporters & Victim's Families (Included as sound effects - Shouting, Yelling and Crying)
Passengers (for all ages, included in the sinking scene.)

The Captain (60, Major Criminal of the Disaster.)
Passengers (for all ages, included in the sinking scene.)
Chemistry Teacher (35, only speaks "Thank You". Victim.)
Homeroom Teacher (44, only appears in the first song. Victim.)

If you are interested, please email to

Thank you!

The deadline is until April 5th.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

2016-12-25 06:07:01 by jessieyun0404

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


New Voice Drama Upcoming!

2016-10-06 00:50:05 by jessieyun0404

Hi everybody,

We recently started a new voice drama of the modification from the Sherlock Holmes Series, called "The Hound of the Baskervilles". Here is our cover below, and if you are interested, please email to Please remind that we are currently looking for british male actors.5435639_147572938791_HoundoftheBaskervilles.png






Help Us. Give Your Own Condolences.

2016-05-15 11:32:48 by jessieyun0404

Musicians, and composers.

We need your help.

Do you know the disaster of Sewol Ferry? It's a terrible disaster occure in 2014. You can check out the information here.

And currently, we are making a musical album for celebrating this disaster and remember the victims.


Composers can help us compose music, help writing the lyrics if you can, and singers can play the role of the characters in this musical.


Our album cover is up. Please help us.


Hello, NG Actors!


I'mr really excited to tell you that I am starting a project which will be challenging for all of us - we are going to record a voice drama of a WHOLE BOOK without editing or correcting a scripture.


What we are going to do is a new project made from World-Loved Detective Novel, "Sherlock Holmes" Series! And now, we are going to make a full book recording of Doyle's longest book, "The Hound of Baskervilles". We are dividing into three parts - Book 1, 2, and 3. I have finished writing the script of Book 1, and it will take a long time to finish that part. Here is the character list which is avaliable :


Sherlock Holmes
Dr. Mortimer
Sir Henry Baskerville
John the cabman


If you are interested, please email me to


Thank you!





Birthday Today! :D

2016-04-04 03:46:38 by jessieyun0404

Today(4/4) is my 16th Birthday, also "Sweet 16" :D

"The Stars Beyond" Is Now Getting Ready to Receive Voice Actors!

2016-03-27 09:59:02 by jessieyun0404

Hello, this is Jessie!


Here we now have some character list right now, so if you want to try one of these characters, PLEASE ONLY EMAIL ME TO Thank you!


Main Characters

- Kyle (Male, about 40 - Works for NASA, loves his family. Calm, but expresses anger quickly)

- Young Lucy (Female, 10 )

- Lucy (Female, 25 - Loves his father very much, bright, but also expressive)

- Lucy's Mother (Female, about 40 - Calm, yet stern)

- Sarah (Female, 25 - Lucy's Friend. Have no tact.)


Sub Characters

- Trainer 1 or 2 (Male or Female, 30-40 - Works in NASA, commands training)

- Worker 1 (Male, 35 - Kyle's companion in NASA)

- News Reporter (Anyone who loves to try this)

- MD (aka Mission Director - Commands and directs all proccess in Mission)

- LD (aka Launch Director - Coordinates Launching spacecraft)

- PAO (aka Public Affairs Officer - Informs Astronauts about the techs and proccess of mission control)


There are more characters coming in, so if you have any questions or anything to say, help and such, PLEASE ONLY EMAIL ME TO


And if you want to see the demo script with these characters incuded above, please email me.


Thanks again!





Hey, Jessie again!


I'm sorry to announce that the project "The Phantom of the Orchestra" has been ejected, but we are planning for another project (a short one) called "The Stars Beyond".


I have made the soundtrack ealier, and I wanted to make a movie/drama with this music.

Now, I'm planning to make a 'short' voice drama with the story based on the movie <Interstellar>.


If you are interested, send me the email to

Thanks again!



This is Jessie again!

If you enjoyed our proudction, and if you want to have a soundtrack package in online for free, just send me an email to then I'll be happy to send you.


Another news:

The next project will be opened this year (I don't know exactly - I'm really busy recently for school). It's called "The Phantom of the Orchestra".

This is based on the classic story by Gaston Leroux, and also I have written a novel (fanfic) in and this story was one of my greatest hits.

If you are interested to help us joining in this project for anything (music, voice acting, or writing), or if you just want to read my short novel version of this project, just email me (I'll write the address again.


Thank you and have a great day!

Jessie Yun


2016-02-27 07:14:25 by jessieyun0404

The project has been FINALLY released!


Check my finished production and take a listen!