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Lack Of Inspiration.

2017-07-15 03:27:49 by jessieyun0404

I'm in lack of inspiration.


That's my big problem. I can't think of anything while just looking at the empty screen of my GarageBand app.


I'm in lack of inspiration.


That's my huge problem. I can't think of anything while just looking at the empty paper waiting for my new stories.





Sixth Episode Now Up!

2017-07-12 08:28:46 by jessieyun0404

Hi Newgrounds!


Here's my sixth episode, to enlighten the whole series up a bit!

Episode 5 of "The Archer Girl"!

2017-07-09 08:02:13 by jessieyun0404

Hey Newgrounds,


Episode 5 is up! Hope you enjoy!

The Next Episode of "The Archer Girl"!

2017-07-08 05:06:55 by jessieyun0404

Hello, Newgrounds!


I'm really excited, again, to announce the 4th episode of "The Archer Girl"!


Listen to the previous episodes too :


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

The "Music Movie" called 'The Archer Girl' Is Now Uploading!

2017-07-06 04:49:23 by jessieyun0404


Hey Newgrounds!


I'm really excited to introduce my new project, 'The Archer Girl', which will be a 'Movie' only with 'Music' and some descriptions of the story! I'm now going to release the third episode, now with an amazing writer @rsonbie456!

Listen to the previous works now :


1st Episode :

2nd Episode(NOW FEATURED):

3rd Episode :



My First Piano Song Album?

2017-06-25 00:13:00 by jessieyun0404

It happens I've started my new piano song album, "Gentle Nature". The first song is now "Gentle Breeze", and the upcoming song is going to be "Gentle Waves". What next?



I'm now underway of editing my first Sci-Fi/Action/Mystery&Thriller (Phew! Too many genres :P) novel named "The Sprinter"! Excited :D

I love how people wants me to join in their projects, with their own precious and interesting stories. I love how I work together with them, and make some magic to complete the imagination into real life.

That's how I love Voice Acting.


If you want me, count me in.

I'm always open to hear about your projects.

Like us on Facebook :


The Musical Album "April 16th (0416)" is a voluntary project to give condolence to the 300 victims and their families and tell this terrible disaster to the world. It has been created the story by an author Oh Jun-ho who wrote a non-fiction book about the Sewol Ferry Disaster and 6 composers around the world. (Started by May 3rd, 2016)

Musical Album "April 16th (0416)"은 세월호의 300여명 희생자와 그 가족들에게 조의를 표하고, 이러한 끔찍한 재난이 다시 일어나지 않도록 전 세계에 알리는 자원봉사 음악 프로젝트입니다. 세월호 이야기를 담은 오준호 작가의 책에서 영감을 받은 스토리를 기반으로 이 프로젝트에 동감하는 전 세계 6인의 외국인 작곡가들이 함께 만들었습니다.
In April 16th, 2014, a ferry which was heading to Jeju Island from Incheon Port, submerged into the water. The ferry's name was "Sewol" and in there were about 400 passengers, including the high school students from Ansan. About 300 passengers drowned, 9 passengers still missing. The escaped Captain and the crew members who abandoned the passengers, the critics to the Captain who told the innocent students to "Remain still", the Sewol Ferry submerged underwater for 3 years, and the true reason of capsized still remains unclear. It needs your help to keep this tragedy from recurring.

2014년 4월 16일 인천항에서 제주도로 향하는 한 여객선이 침몰했습니다. 이 배의 이름은 "세월호"이고, 당시 안산 단원고 수학여행단을 포함하여 약 400 명의 승객이 타고 있었습니다. 이 사고로 약 300 명의 승객이 숨지고, 9 명의 승객이 아직 미수습 상태입니다. 무고한 학생들에게 "남아 있으라"라고 말하고, 사고 직후 도망친 선장과 승객을 버린 승무원. 그리고, 3 년간 물에 잠긴채 아직도 침몰 원인은 분명치 않습니다. 이 비극이 되풀이 되지 않기 위해 여러분의 도움이 필요합니다.


Jessie Yun

Raflie Olwen Zainuddin
Mattia Cupelli
Jay Summers
DwightFalcon (Mickey Lim)
Michael Bacich
Jessie Yun (Performed by Michael Bacich)
Christipher Gedge

PART 1 | Tragedy
1. Prologue
2. We're Going There
3. Best Trip In Your Life
4. It Will Be Wonderful
5. Walk Back To Me
6. We're Going There (Ferry Scene) / Happy Birthday To You
7. Amy's Prayer (Walk Back To Me - Reprise)
8. Soul Relief (Sinking Scene)

PART 2 | Condolence
1. Introduction to Part 2
2. The Empty Seat - Pt. 1: Praeludium (Fantasia)
3. The Empty Seat - Pt. 2: Fuga
4. Where Are They (Court Scene)
5. Live Again
6. We Will Never Forget
7. Credit Music "Touch"