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Upcoming Releases!

2015-11-30 21:37:38 by jessieyun0404

Finally, the main character of the Voice Drama 'A Christmas Carol' has been filled, thanks to chrisrosewood! He did an amazing job as Eben Sound (aka Ebenezer Scrooge in the original story) and I was thrilled to work with! The deadline is quite complicated to finish. Some more roles then on to the editing in a jiffy! All I need is the files to work on and I can finish in few days!


Hope I get all the recordings until next week.

There are still few roles avaliable so if you are interested, please send to me via email




One Month Until Christmas!

2015-11-29 08:26:40 by jessieyun0404

I started the project 'A Christmas Carol' at July and it's December soon! Wow...Time files fast and there had been many trials and issues gone for few months. Now the editing has started and the actors are starting to gather up their recordings. Hope to finish before Christmas Eve...That's my wish!


But still the casts are not filled up. Few male roles and one female role is still open and I have one month to fill all those and jam on!

Oh, I wish I could finish this and give every users as a Christmas gift. Well, it dosen't mind if I can't but I could wish...


First Contribution!

2015-07-01 04:49:15 by jessieyun0404

My contribution has started now and I'm very excited!

I'm starting two projects - 'Violin's Death', and 'A Christmas Carol'.


'Violin's Death' is the story about a miserable girl who foughts with her environmental problem and modern age - and forgots the days filled with music.

'A Christmas Carol' is the re-made modern version story from the original book by Charles Dickens.

If you have any questions or discuss about this, PM me or put a comment here.


Thank you!

~ Jessie